September 24, 2021

Asbestos in the Workplace, Avoiding Mesothelioma in Massachusetts

In recent years, asbestos exposure has been of great concern to many Massachusetts residents and others throughout the United States. Massachusetts has an unfortunate history with asbestos; in the two decades leading up to the turn of the century, almost 1,500 people in Massachusetts died from asbestos-related diseases. Almost half of those died from mesothelioma.

Because most exposure is occupational, if you work with asbestos, it is important to understand how to handle it as safely as possible.

Massachusetts’ Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) defines asbestos as a “naturally occurring, mostly fibrous mineral that may consist of any one of a number of silicates.” The DEP and OSHA require that all workers and managers that come into contact with asbestos, or have subordinates who might, must be trained to properly handle asbestos.

Asbestos handling training includes information about:

  • The physical characteristics of asbestos
  • Medical monitoring
  • Air monitoring
  • Protective equipment
  • Hygiene
  • Safe work practices
  • Local, state and federal laws about asbestos

Additionally, OSHA mandates that employee exposure to asbestos fibers not exceed 0.1 fiber per cubic centimeter in an 8 hour work day or 1 fiber per cubic centimeter for a 30 minute short exposure time.

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